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Litigation is expensive. It can dominate a business executive’s time and divert focus from business objectives, ultimately risking the loss of revenue.

Costly litigation and lengthy trials have led way to a new trend in the legal system that favors Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), or mediation. In fact, no case in the state of Florida can proceed to trial without a good faith effort to solve the dispute through mediation.  Alvarez, Winthrop, Thompson & Smoak, P.A.’s certified ADR professionals are adept at assisting with court ordered and private mediations and arbitrations of all civil disputes throughout Florida.

Companies can save thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs through ADR.

Our attorneys have many years of experience in ADR and routinely help clients explore dispute resolution through mediation. Our mediators are certified by the Florida Supreme Court, and our Arbitrators are qualified through the Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitration Training Program pursuant to Rule 11.020, Florida Rules of Court-Appointed Arbitrators.

Not every lawsuit can be successfully mediated, but every client should consider the costs and benefits of going to trial rather than finding common ground. Our attorneys provide services in:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

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